Find the Best Destination Wedding Photographer & Chicago Wedding Photographer


As a New York City wedding photographer I have put together 3 tips that I believe are the MOST important when couples are trying to select the best professional wedding photographer for them. As a professional wedding photographer in New York City, I provide my photography services to a multitude of areas such as Long Island, Hudson Valley, and NYC. I would also consider myself a Connecticut wedding photographer and my passport is always ready if the need arises for a European wedding photographer.

I have been around long enough to understand that all photographers are not created equal. Once my couples understand this it helps them in determining who the best NYC wedding photographer will be for them. So, let's get down to it! There are three keys to consider when in search of your wedding photographer.

All of us are gifted with unique personalities. This should not be overlooked when in search of your wedding photographer. Consider how much of your wedding day will be spent with your wedding photographer. Consider how many of your friends and family may be interacting with your wedding photographer. Consider how many of your vendors will be relying on your wedding photographer.

Not all personalities work well together. Imagine spending your entire wedding day with a person or two whose personality drives you up the wall. I have photographed weddings where my couples were dissatisfied with other vendors at the wedding. So much so that it negatively impacted their day and the days to follow. They still have bad memories about said vendors and it becomes difficult to avoid the negativity associated with the memories.

I never want any of my couples to have a negative experience because of something I did or did not do. For this reason, I want to ensure that all of my couples feel that I am the best match for them all the way down to our personalities.

Like personality, every wedding photographer's stylistic approach to their photography is completely unique. We don't all visualize settings the same way. We don't all compose images the same way. And, we definitely do not all edit our images in the same way. Each wedding photographer has their own unique style that appeals to different people in different ways. The world would be a pretty boring place without all of the individuality out there.

Imagine putting on a blindfold and selecting your wedding photographer without having any kind of visual identification with their style. Often, during any shopping scenario, we are easily blinded by dollar signs. We forget to consider the quality of the item we are investing in because we are so overly concerned with the here and now. Don't forget to take your blinders off and look at the bigger picture. You will likely be hanging and displaying these wedding images in your home for years and years to come. You want to be able to feel a connection the imagery that you invested in. For this reason, considering the style of the photographs you will be displaying becomes extremely important. After all, you're probably not going to be framing the receipts from all of the various items you spent money on to have the most perfect wedding, right?

With that being said, I do believe that having a budget is perfectly reasonable so long as it's a reasonable budget. Keep the top two tips in mind as you're considering your photography budget. Find the NYC wedding photographer whose personality you love being around. Find the NYC wedding photographer whose style you just have to have displayed on your wall. Then, find out how to prioritize your wedding photography budget so that you can have those images that will mean so much to you years and years down the road.

Anticipating your wedding photography before your wedding can be slightly deceiving. It hasn't happened yet. So, it may be difficult to imagine why you would ever want to invest so much money on your wedding photos. But, once the wedding day is over you will eventually go back to every day life. New memories will be made. Time will pass. Old memories will fade away. And, when that happens, you will have those amazing wedding photos that you so carefully selected and invested in.

I am a NYC wedding photographer who believes so much in what I do that I want all couples to have the amazing opportunity to have amazing wedding photos!! If you have questions about my personality, style, packages, pricing, or anything else not covered in this section just contact me. I would love to hear from you!

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